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Men's League


The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for members to meet regularly during the golfing season, enjoy friendly competition, meet other members of the club, and raise funds for projects such as improving the course and facilities.


Open to all male members of CCCC who are at least 21 years old and must pay $10 to join the Men's Association.


Weekly Competition: 

Play will commence the first Tuesday in April and will continue each Tuesday thereafter until the year-end competition in September. You must sign-up or call-in by 5 P.M. for a 5:15 P.M. start.


1. Format:

Alternate weeks the group will rotate playing the front and back nines. The regular format is a four-man scramble with an “A” player assigned to each team. The format may be changed with a majority vote of members present. On three-man teams, players may take additional shots by rotating the extra shot among the three players. This “extra shot” rotation must remain consistent once started. 

2. Cost: 

Yearly fee of $10 must be paid to become eligible for Tuesday play. Each player then pays $8.00 each week which consists of $5 for team play, $1 each for “closest to pin” on the par 3’s, and $1 each for a skins game.


3. Splitting the Pot: (numbers are rounded to nearest dollar)


  • 10% of total weekly pot is deposited for use in projects and events.

  • Closest to pin   $2 / player on the par 3’s

  • (Total $ = # of players) 

  • Skin Game       $1 / player skin game

  • Multiple skins split the pot. If no skins are won, the money is rolled into the year-end skin pot. 

  • (Total $ = # of players) 

  • First place       70% of the remainder

  • Second place   30% of the remainder

  • Third place      $20.00 is paid for third place

  • (If 32 or fewer players, third is not paid)


4. Ties: 

Normally, first place ties will be determined by a sudden-death play-off. However, team members involved may decide by majority vote to determine the tiebreaker by splitting first and second place. If players are equally divided between teams on having the play-off, then teams will split first and second place money. Second and third place ties will be determined by drawing teams from a hat.

5. Tees: 

Senior players (65 or older) may play from the gold tees. Players 75 and above may play from the red tees. All other players will compete from the white tees.


6. Meals: 

Periodically, the association will organize an evening meal to coincide with the weekly competition.


7. Guests: 

You may bring a guest (not a member of CCCC) twice in a year and that guest may play in your group. The guest must pay a green fee and the $8.00 fee to the men’s association.


Year-end Tournament:

An 18-hole competition will be held each September. This is a four-man scramble. Additionally, “skins” and other forms of “friendly competition” among teams may be conducted. Teams will be organized as follows:


1. All competitors will be designated as an “A, B, C, or D player”.

2. The organizing committee will determine which group of players (A, B, C, D) will be drawn first. Each player from this group will select his starting hole.

3. Remaining players by groups will then be randomly drawn and may select the team he wishes to play on.

4. All ties will be determined by sudden-death playoff.


Officers are elected at the annual meeting coinciding with the year-end tournament. The officers will consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, and a Secretary/Treasurer.


The president will preside over all meetings of the organization, or in his absence, one of the Vice-Presidents will assume this duty. The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain records of all monies collected and spent as well as perform all administrative duties required by the association.


Officers will also be expected to organize and conduct all golf competitions sponsored by the association with assistance from the general membership.

Year-end Meeting:

In addition to the election of officers, the association will decide how monies raised during the year will be spent. The Secretary/Treasurer will prepare a list of proposed projects, which will be voted on by the membership. Any other issues of concern raised my members of the association, may be addressed and voted-on at this meeting.

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Joe Scholl Hole In One

Joe Scholl Hole In One

Jerry Hulen Hole in One

Jerry Hulen Hole in One

Cameron Brown Hole in One

Cameron Brown Hole in One

Clapp,Poague, Moran, Spears

Clapp,Poague, Moran, Spears

Men's Association

Men's Association

Leon, Corky, Wendall & David

Leon, Corky, Wendall & David

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