Calvert City Golf & Country Club currently has family, intermediate and junior memberships available. All memberships include unlimited golf, tennis and swimming for yourself, your spouse, and your children. The club has a beautiful, large swimming pool, and the ever-popular baby pool. Our tennis court is conveniently located near the clubhouse and pools.

Membership Benefits:


  • Family Membership- Includes anyone in the house up to 22 years old.

  • Beautiful 18-Hole Golf Course with leagues for Men, Women, and Couples

  • Member Tournaments

  • Professional Golf Instruction

  • Unlimited Golf Year Around

  • Swimming Pool

  • Tennis Courts

  • Complete Clubhouse Facilities

Membership Types & Pricing

Joining Calvert City Golf & Country Club is quick and painless. There are NO initiation fees to join, just pay your first 3 months of dues up front. From there you can pay month to month or every 3 months!!! Simply fill out an application and mail it in with payment to start your membership. See our membership types below... Membership Application (click here)


Out of Town (50 miles away) -  $55/month

Under 27 years old                 -  $55/month

Ages 27-35 years old             -  $75/month

Ages 36-80 years old             -  $95/month

Over 80 years old                   - $65/month

We are proud to offer an OPTION joint membership with Benton Country Club.  Rather than only being a member of Calvert City Country Club, current members and new members may choose the option of a joint membership.  Get full access to two of the best conditioned golf courses in Western Kentucky. That's 36-holes, 2 swimming pools and double the amount of events to play and have fun in. Prices below for current and new members


Current Members - Regular Dues + $600

New members to either club - First Year: $1800 or $150/month

                                              - Second Year and After: Regular Dues + $600


**Being a member is a yearly obligation. Anyone who drops their membership before paying 12 months of dues will not be eligible to re-join for 1 year**




Golf Cart Options


Option 1: Cart Sheds- As a member you will have the option to use your own golf cart at no extra charge. For those who want keep their golf carts on property, we have cart sheds available at $160/year.


Option 2: Renting Golf Carts- As a member you will be able to rent golf carts for a discounted rate of $10/cart or $5/person if both players are members. We also have an annual fee for renting golf carts which is $500/year for unlimited use of our club owned golf carts.



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