Calvert City Golf & Country Club currently has family, intermediate and junior memberships available. All memberships include unlimited golf, tennis and swimming for yourself, your spouse, and your children. The club has a beautiful, large swimming pool, and the ever-popular baby pool. Our tennis court is conveniently located near the clubhouse and pools.

Membership Benefits:


  • Family Membership- Includes anyone in the house up to 22 years old.

  • Beautiful 18-Hole Golf Course with leagues for Men, Women, and Couples

  • Member Tournaments

  • Professional Golf Instruction

  • Unlimited Golf Year Around

  • Swimming Pool

  • Tennis Courts

  • Complete Clubhouse Facilities

Membership Types & Pricing

Joining Calvert City Golf & Country Club is quick and painless. There are NO initiation fees to join, just pay your first 3 months of dues up front. From there you can pay month to month or every 3 months!!! Simply fill out an application and mail it in with payment to start your membership. See our membership types below... Membership Application (click here)


Out of Town (50 miles away) -  $55/month

Under 27 years old                 -  $55/month

Ages 27-35 years old             -  $75/month

Ages 36-80 years old             -  $95/month

Over 80 years old                   - $65/month

We are proud to offer an OPTION joint membership with Benton Country Club.  Rather than only being a member of Calvert City Country Club, current members and new members may choose the option of a joint membership.  Get full access to two of the best conditioned golf courses in Western Kentucky. That's 36-holes, 2 swimming pools and double the amount of events to play and have fun in. Prices below for current and new members


Current Members - Regular Dues + $600

New members to either club - First Year: $1800 or $150/month

                                              - Second Year and After: Regular Dues + $600


**Being a member is a yearly obligation. Anyone who drops their membership before paying 12 months of dues will not be eligible to re-join for 1 year**




Golf Cart Options


Option 1: Cart Sheds- As a member you will have the option to use your own golf cart for $30 Trail Fee each year. For those who want keep their golf carts on property, we have cart sheds available at $160/year.


Option 2: Renting Golf Carts- As a member you will be able to rent golf carts for a discounted rate of $10/member if both players are members. We also have an annual fee for renting golf carts which is $500/year for unlimited use of our club owned golf carts.



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