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PGA Junior Golf Programs

 2023 Junior Golf Registration is now Available



Operation 36 Junior Golf Classes


A Structured Curriculum to Guide You

Golf can be complex if not broken into easy to understand chunks. Our golf professionals have developed the 12 Skills over the last 10 years as our standard. Very similar to subjects in school, one or two of these skills is covered in class each week. The skills each have an educational goal to work towards that challenge golfers to work on developing their game. These Skills and Goals are guides in golfers development. They do not guarantee that a golfer will shoot 36 for 9 holes from each division, but are here to support you, guide you, and give you small successes along the journey. 

Start Dates: Every Wednesday beginning March 8th.

Time: Class Time will depend on student's progress

Cost: $100/month  -- OPEN TO EVERYONE !!!!!

Find out more online at - ​To Sign up Call Adam Webb @ 270-909-1041



PGA Junior League


We are very proud to be apart of the PGA Junior League. Golf finally has a team sport aspect for kids just like baseball, soccer or basketball. PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play golf. The program brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA and LPGA Professionals.

Fun Not Stressful

In PGA JLG the focus is to have fun playing golf with your friends. PGA JLG teams want to win, but the stress often associated with individual tournaments is eliminated by the low-pressure format and the sense of playing on a team with your friends. Our goal is to foster an enjoyment of the game that will last a lifetime.

Team Not Individual

There is no individual scoring in PGA JLG. The two-player scramble format allows for all participants to feel connected with the team. This scramble format allows for less experienced kids to feel like they are helping the team, while not putting all the pressure on them. The more experienced kids enjoy the aspect of helping and we really see the camaraderie build within these two-person scramble teams.

Team Practice

Each week during our season our kids will practice on Wednesdays. The team will typically do drills and work on their golf games as well as play with each other on the golf course building that team atmosphere.


Each team-vs-team competition in PGA JLG consists of four 9-hole matches. Each 9-hole match is broken down into three 3-hole segments that we call “Flags”. These matches or flag points are won win a team wins a 3-hole match.

Uniforms with Numbers

The uniforms bring everyone together in that team feeling. It really enhances the kids feeling a part of something bigger, which takes the pressure off the kids knowing they have teammates in their corner. Each player on the team gets 2 jerseys, water bottle, hat, backpack, bag tag, as well as other fun items.

Start Dates: Practices begin first Wednesday in May after school. Matches begin in June.

Cost: $99 Registration to the PGA + $300/player for PGA Jr League Season.


Registration is Available NOW Click Below!!!


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