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Rules and Policies

Calvert City Golf and Country Club
Rules of the Club

For All Members and Guests

1.) All Players, including members, MUST register at the pro shop before beginning play. Play MUST begin on number one tee unless special permission is granted by the starter or in his absence the Pro Shop personnel.

2.) Grandchildren are allowed to play golf free or swim free only when accompanied by the Grandparent up through age 18 years old.


3.) Driving Range members and its customers are NOT allowed to store driving range balls in any way or use driving range balls for personal on the golf course. Driving range balls must be hit on the driving range only no exceptions.


4.) Guest must be accompanied by the inviting member, who assumes all responsibility for the conduct of their guests. Guests are required to pay applicable fees. 


5.) Practice will be permitted only in designated area. Chipping, putting and hitting balls onto the regular golf course greens is prohibited as a means of practice. The use of range balls on the course during regular play is prohibited.


6.) Members that want to use private golf carts have to pay a Yearly Trail Fee. Yearly Trail Fees are due July 1st of each year. Trail Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


7.) Only designated parking areas for golf cart trailers can be used in paved parking area. Passenger vehicles must not block area under trees as this is for trailers.


8.) Cart sheds may be rented at an annual cost set by the Board as they become available. A waiting list for sheds will be maintained by the chairman of the membership committee. Cart sheds will be opened and forfeited if cart shed dues becomes thirty (30) days late. A limit of two sheds per membership shall be permitted. A cart shed Rental is an Agreement for 1 year, no refunds will be given on Cart Sheds.


9.) CCGCC is a soft spikes only facility. Proper golfing attire is expected. No swimsuits allowed in the clubhouse or on the golf course at any time. Shirts with sleeves (men) and shoes must be worn at all times. No muscle shirts. 


10.) Members must be (14) years of age or older to operate a private golf cart unless accompanied by an adult. They must be sixteen (16) years or older to operate a rental cart.


11.) All organized tournaments must be arranged with the Pro-Shop, should be reviewed by the Board chairman of the tournament committee and then be approved by the Board. For all Calvert Golf & Country Club couples tournaments and tournament events, couples shall be defined as one man and one woman. 


12.) All Club Events will be awarded in Golf Shop Credit.


13.) Wading or swimming in the lakes or creeks on the property is prohibited at all times unless the Board grants special permission. 


14.) A membership entitles each member and their immediate family and guest use of the clubhouse, golf course, and swimming pool provided all rules and regulations are followed. For definition of membership; Single, Family, Senior and Junior see Bylaws Article II Section C. See Section F for rules pertaining to Guest.


15.) Each player MUST have his/her own set of clubs. No more than two players per cart.


16.) No ball will be played until all players in front of you are out of your range. When searching for lost balls, you must allow faster players to play through. If at any time, a hole becomes open in front of your group, you must allow faster players to play through. 

17.) A golf match of more than four players is NOT allowed (Exception: In organized club scrambles and tournaments one group of six players may be allowed to accommodate for the odd couple). From November 1 to March 1, up to six players may play ONLY when not slowing play.


18.) Golf bags must not be deposited on the greens. Please repair all ball marks before leaving the green. Rake any bunkers played from. Carts are not permitted within twenty (20) yards of greens on fairways and roughs. Carts are not allowed inside of cart signs. 


19.) Players should make every effort to obey the 90-degree rule when in effect. Players must stay off fairways and roughs when “Cart Path Only” sign is displayed. Golf carts shall not be operated in a dangerous or reckless manner.


20.) If a ranger/starter is on site he/she will decide what constitutes slow play. Players must comply with all requests of the ranger. The starter may suggest forming foursomes if crowding on the course exists.

21.) Handicap Flag Policy- Only amputees will be issued a handicap flag by the golf shop if requested for the privilege of operating a golf cart up to 10 feet from the edge of the greens. This is ONLY when golf carts are off the cart path for the day. Please keep in mind that golfers with these handicap flags must still abide by the golf cart path rule set for the day by our Superintendent. This means that handicap flag carts will still have to remain on the cart path on those cart path only days. Failure to follow the daily golf cart rule may result in loss of handicap flag privileges.


22.)  All replay rounds require a tee time from the golf shop.

23.) The rules listed above are not intended to be all-inclusive and all members are subject to any other rules and regulations that are posted on or about the club premise. Failure to obey the rules of the club can result in a fine or suspension from the use of the club facilities. 


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