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The state has shut our pool down during an inspection recently for the 2024 pool season. Our pool will be CLOSED this year for the 2024 Season.

We know a lot of people are eager and excited to use our pool this season. We are doing everything we can to start our renovations to the pool so that the State of Kentucky will allow us to open our pool. We have just found out that the lead time to get this renovation finished is 26 weeks or almost 7 months. That means if the work started today, we would not be able to open the pool for this season. With that said, the pool will be closed for the 2024 pool season. We hope to have final estimates back in the next 2 weeks as we have been working with various companies and the state and local departments very diligently. Once we receive final estimates, then we can hire a company to begin the 26-week project. Our goal would be to finish the work this season and be ready to open for the 2025 pool season. We know this is not we had hoped for this year, but we are trying our best to finish this renovation as soon as possible to get our pool back open.


Thank you for your understanding,

Calvert City Golf & CC Board of Directors


Please click on button below for mailing that was mailed to our membership on February 25th, 2024. 


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